Sunday, August 26, 2007

an afternoon

Okay, I had some black/blue/white background laid in - and brief pencil outlines - but at 2:30 today I started in on this. About 5 or 6 hours later, done. Nice little digression from the big piece I'm working on. I made it from a still taken from a production (8 Life Lessons from Mort and Mindy) that a friend of mine directed this spring in a new play festival. It had some positively beautiful staging elements, including this scene at the end - where Mindy and Death are both dead in a white pool of salt, with a deep blue light surrounding them. My friend had asked me if I would consider painting a scene from her play as she had so many really poignant shots, and I really liked this one - but I didn't tell her anything about it. Instead, I managed to get HER to run the errand to get the board (tee hee) that I worked on, then worked in secret. I demanded she come over and play games tonight and wasn't she surprised to learn we'd really invited her so that I could give it to her? I nailed a hanger on the back of the board, so it's all set.
"Mort and Mindy" (for lack of a better title), Oilbar, pencil, and acrylic on unfinished board, 12X15 (I think? I forgot to check.)

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ellen said...

Do you really know how talented you are? Astounding!