Saturday, August 11, 2007

before I go

heading out on vacation early tomorrow morning (we're leaving at 6 or 7am-ish?), but my recent silence hasn't been due to forgetfulness! I've been busy - but mostly with schoolwork reading. Before I go, however, I have a few pretty moments from late to share - and a work in progress. But not that painting, it's driving me nuts.

The Zaca fire is raging to the north, threatening homes and landmarks like Cold Spring Tavern. Some days, it snows ash and the light turns orange and the very air smells like burning. This was one of those days.

the strange sleeping habits of the Cassidy. =) He spent a morning balancing a stiff pillow on the narrow edge. We're still not sure how he did this, but I dashed for the camera ... and it fell about a minute later.

a healthy garden has insects, right? A big ol cricket or katydid or something showed up one day on the lemon verbena. He was so neat I had to stop my yoga practice and snap a shot.

my healthy garden has also attracted little frogs! I first saw this brown-spotty guy hanging out on my jasmine a week or ten days ago. This morning, I found a little green one and a brown-spotted one on the leaves of a neighbouring sage plant. This soil used to be rock hard and completely bone-dry. These days, it's mulched, composted, watered, healthy, and apparently, attracting friends. hurray!

and finally, I haven't just been working on my thesis reading. I found a use at long last for the 3 yards of cashmere-wool coating that my brother David gave me last year for my birthday. This - yes, this - is the work in progress: I still need a few more buttons, and to do some hem work and add pockets. But really, that's not too much. Thanks to the cover of Anthropologie's August catalogue for the inspiration!
well, I still have packing and cleaning to do, and maybe even some furniture moving, cos we're doing a major room swap, and I wanted to get one more piece of the puzzle in place before we leave. We'll be heading up the coast to Ashland for three days of food and plays with my family, and then another trip down the coast. I'm going to see Big Sur and the Redwoods for the first time in my life! Hurray! =) Though we are seriously having trouble with the prospect of leaving the kitten for five days. *sigh* poor thing. We are sure going to miss her.
well, all for now. Safe travels if you - like me - are on the road next week! cheers!


Laney said...

LOL..My word verification is bobums....funny, giggly word. I enjoyed all the pics, especially the pillow trick and the that coat is impressive. I would still be wearing a blanket if I was in charge of making the first ever garment.

Mary said...

Lovely coat! What pattern are you using? Looks like it will be a classic - "in style" for years to come.

jen said...

that coat is stunning!!! really, i love it.