Monday, August 25, 2008

grey day

a nice grey day today, pouring rain and thunder and everything! I was whining this morning that I wanted it to rain today. It's nice to get one's way, isn't it? =) Fall is my favorite season and I am impatient to Get Things Started with the sweaters and the tights and everything? Oh yes, I am ready.

I am also waiting (and waiting and waiting...) for my porcelaine ceramic paint pens (yes, PENS!) to arrive - I even found a couple of nice noritake Japanese china pieces to experiment on. My excitement has been somewhat quashed by the lack of drawing-on-china today, which I really really really really really wanted to do (really).

But on the upside, Cass and I had leftovers for lunch, which gives me the opportunity to make up somewhat for the lack of proper pictures from last night. We reheated the few bites of corn that were left, but we didn't dare heat (and thereby toughen) the hanger steak, which was smothered in the remaining shallots. Some TJ's tomato and roasted red pepper soup to round it out, and we're off to the races!

Only, that was hours ago. And it's not quite dinner time. And I'm hungry again. Must go nose around the kitchen ...

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ambika said...

I actually kind of like thunderstorms. Perhaps because I don't experience them often?