Sunday, August 17, 2008


making yogurt cheese in the fridge from goat's milk yogurt, some chili pepper and lemon thyme.

finished the bathroom, finally. Pale green, olive green, dark olive. It's all about green in there.

roasted three colours of beets and got them in a sort of sweet pickle marinade for tomorrow, when we'll eat them with that yogurt cheese and some asparagus and pasta in brown butter for dinner. I also got the fruit and syrup prepared for some cherry cordials, and plan to put a summer pudding in to mold in the morning.

I remember a time when being up on summer evenings, taking pictures at 1am, did not involve pickled beets. Or a productive day did not mean we managed to haul patio furniture.

Mom and Dad, I think we're just about ready for you. See you tomorrow!

oh yeah, and I finished those pillow covers. A better shot tomorrow (erm, later today) when we have that wonderful thing called daylight going on.

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Sal said...

Whew. I'm flying you out for MN next time I host a FEAST.