Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and because it's springtime

and we ate out/ate junk a lot during the last few weeks of the quarter while I was struggling under the workload, we are most DEFINITELY lightening things up around here, start undoing some of the damage we've done.

This is the "Fennel, Leek and Mushroom Pasta with Cashew Cream" from The Millennium Cookbook. On the whole, this isn't my favourite cookbook, but there are some real gems in there, like this little dish, which is like the vegan equivalent of stroganoff. yum! We used spinach penne this time, and upped the cashew cream, the nutritional yeast, the green peppercorns, and had to substitute a splash of Chinese five spice for the nutmeg. The extra green peppercorns, in particular, are a must.

The excess cashew cream was a VERY good idea, so was properly blending the cashew cream this time: I added the water very slowly and kept the food processesor going for several minutes at a time. The result? A smooth, thick cream rather than a watery suspension of nutty granules this time. Seriously, yum.

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