Sunday, March 28, 2010

and a little something for someone else

When you're in academia, certain times of year (the end of each quarter, for example) are bad times to have a birthday. Other academics are too overloaded to celebrate; heck, you're too busy to enjoy it. So a pal of mine and I have decided to select an "academic unbirthday" on which we can celebrate our birthdays without being late, and without trying to juggle the most demanding times in our line of work with our personal lives.

We haven't selected dates yet, so for now, this necklace is just plain late. Oh well! The center is made of fluorite chips on eye pins, strung on a short bit of chain. It's flanked by agates, coconut wood, turquoise, and some pearls that you can't see.

Happy academic unbirthday, my friend!


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This is looks very special and personal jewelery!!