Wednesday, March 17, 2010


day's beginning: baking soda bread

(3.5 c. white flour, .5 c. dark rye flour, 1 c. wheat bran, .3 c. brown sugar, 2 Tbl baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 c. warm milk + .5 c. nonfat plain yogurt [whisked togher = 1.5 c. buttermilk substitute], 1 egg, .5 c. currants plumped in cognac, 2 Tbl fennel seeds)

night's end: working by candlelight, enjoying a last bit of wine, and cutting an old shirt of Cass' into 2" squares for the maybe-someday postage stamp quilt.

in between: a Czech final, and a dinner feast: soda bread with irish butter, radishes and salt; crock-pot corned beef (10 hours and not a bit dry!), turnip and potato mash, candied carrot slices. Raspberry-rhubarb rolypoly with cream for dessert. Joe's homebrewed imperial stout, a pot of tea, wine. Cards.
In other words, a most excellent St. Patrick's Day. Slainte!

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