Wednesday, August 24, 2011

back in the saddle

it's been something like 10 years since I've done any weaving. It's nice to get back in the habit, and something about the jingle of the heddles as I raise and lower the sleys makes it the perfect soundtrack to a September evening (not getting ahead of myself, not really - this will take a while).

I've started my first tapestry weaving, on a small-ish 8-sley loom. This scarf will be about 24" wide and approximately 80" long with fringes. The warp is commercially-spun silk; the weft is two-ply camel and silk made by my awesome and super-talented mother-in-law (and given to me to use under the strict condition that I weave only for myself - I am NOT allowed to give this away, ha!). She also lent me the loom:

Love that pattern (it's called "undulating twill"). My mother in law actually made herself a scarf in white-on-white in this same pattern and it was just too gorgeous for words. I'd already admired this one, but when I saw her scarf I asked if I could weave one like it for myself. I cannot wait to don this soft beautiful thing this winter!

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