Tuesday, September 13, 2011

heart of silence

sorry for my absence - I was out here for 10 days, taking a bit of a beating trying (and failing, really) to keep up with friends who are in much better shape (and who still have their knees - I'm still limping this week), and at the best of times, listening to the silent heart of the desert. There's nothing like it, that I know of. A deep silence, a silence that plugs your ears with nothingness.
can't beat the view, either: this is from Dead Horse Point in Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah. That little glimpse of green is the Colorado river, 2,000 feet below where our little band of three sat and watched the sun go down, the red rock cast fiery orange, then rich ruby and cooling purples before fading into the blue vastness of space and night. I still can't believe how high, how far, how wide the view - it catches my throat, a little bit.

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