Monday, September 26, 2011

diy: anthro's gleaming cuves bracelet

lovely, isn't it? And on sale - down to $80 from $160. still too rich for my blood, though.

So I bought some brass rod from the hardware store, cut it, hammered it, filed it. I learned that I need an anvil - hammering on my concrete stairs was difficult and I couldn't get the even curves I wanted at the ends.

Then I wrapped it in silk cord designed for stringing pearls. On half of the bracelet I figure out how to twist the thread to unwrap the ply - it gives the softer look of the silk cord on the original. That long tail will be used to wrap the beads.

But first I had to get the pyrite beads on there. In order to secure the pyrite, I strung them on fine beading wire; I cut a long piece and wrapped it around one side of the bracelet. I put on the beads, and then wrapped the ends around the other side.

Then I worked the cord between the beads and made a few stitches at the back to secure it. Ah well, it's not bad for a first attempt. I have more pyrite; I think I'll look into getting some lighter-weight brass rod and an anvil and give it another go. For one thing, I think it'd make a lovely gift.


Sal said...

Dang, lady. You've got SKILLS.

fleur_delicious said...

aw, you make me grin! Thanks, lady! Gotta say, feeling rather smugly proud of myself on this one. I definitely need to get an anvil so I can make more and give them to my girlfriends!