Tuesday, September 13, 2011


so, while in Utah, we ate at a brewery (the Moab Brewery) that boasted "root-beer braised carnitas" on its happy hour menu. We never got around to eating them at happy hour, so guess what I made as soon as I got home?

I used this recipe on epicurious.com. I only used about 1/3-1/2 the meat called for, though next time I will use the full amount (and there will be a next time - Cass was raving!), but did not reduce any other ingredients - except oregano and salt, per the recipe's instructions for halving. And I substituted two bottles of Virgil's rootbeer for the water. It worked, perfectly.

We served ours on flour tortillas with baby greens, sliced avocado, fresh tomatillo salsa (using tomatillos I've been growing on the porche) and some dashes of hot sauce we bought at our favorite Moab breakfast spot, the Jailhouse Cafe. Delicious. I completely and wholly recommend this recipe!

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