Sunday, May 27, 2012

clothes for little people III: three little pigs

This one is already out and received by an expectant mother. I will confess, that when I saw this adorable Japanese linen with its print of the three little pigs, I was smitten. I snapped it up and made a dress, on the off-chance that my talented, graphic designer friend would, indeed, be having a girl. And she is! We are girls, girls, girls from here to the horizon - I don't know anyone having a boy right now. Which is weird. But then, I'm just happy that I only have to buy one set of patterns, and I can make all the different variations for all the little girls about to come into our lives. Congrats, K+J! I LOVED making this adorable thing for you and cannot wait to continue to shower your little one with special bespoke clothes!

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