Friday, May 4, 2012

like a medieval tapestry

been listening to a lot of music from michal praetorius (a late-medieval German composer) this week; the weather's turned stormy and cold here, and there's something about the recorder and the lute that really speaks to me on days like that.

So, the net result of a lot of medieval dance music + a lush garden (extra green from all that rain!) = I came home, lit a half dozen candles, and started creating.

I give you: peach tart with almond paste and dandelion jelly glaze. The dandelion jelly was a sweet gift from friends who came to our Swedish midsommar party last year; this is a perfect use! And in case you are wondering, the green and white bits are bartlett pear. =)

I have another little-person dress to show you, and at least one picture from my mother's birthday care package. It's been a busy time lately, with my own writing and grading/editing with my students. Sorry to have been absent - but more posts coming in the next few days as I resurface, once again, from the whirlwind that is academia.


Jenny said...

Beautiful! Sounds delicious!

Mary @ Fit and Fed said...

Wow, that is a work of art, love the pear 'flower' and the petalled look of the whole pie. Cruised over here from Badger Girl and just had to comment. Also cool how you collected the big leaf maple blossoms. My sons did Wilderness Awareness School in Carnation and learned a lot of foraging skills there-- wish my middle son were home to teach me some spring foraging now.