Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a perfect salad for late spring

I know, I know; in so many parts of this country, it is already warmer than it'll be here in August. Ah, well. While there are still pears at the store, this is a great salad to serve for dinner when we haven't quite made it to the "salad days" of summer yet. A bit of feta, some sharp radicchio, toasted walnuts and a bit of grain means that this salad has some body and heft! In fact, I think it's a winter salad, as all of the ingredients are ripe during the coldest months of the year; but it transitions nicely to late May, too - especially if it is a grey and slightly moody day where you are, too =)

How was your holiday weekend? I put a big shell out on our coffee table. That might seem like a strange thing to do over Memorial Day weekend, but it is a shell that my grandfather brought back from the South Pacific, where he was stationed during WWII. I remember asking, years ago when he was still alive, if I could have it. Strange request, perhaps, but I like that I remember my grandfather with a shell.

Other than that, not much happened here over the weekend. I was so tired the whole weekend - what's up with that? I took a few naps (against my own will), fell asleep on Cassidy, slept in late. Got a little garden work done, and we went for a very short walk, but that was about it. I'm actually looking forward to riding my bike to Czech table (a Czech language meetup) today, as I think I am overdue for some real physical activity for a change!

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