Monday, February 3, 2014

project 52:19

ink and acrylic on watercolor paper

Here's a little view from last weekend's trip to the mountains to see my in-laws. It was sunny (!!) and gorgeous, and we went for a walk along the river. Then my mother-in-law fixed a hole in a friend's sweater with some serious textile-magic: we hunted through seams looking for long tails from knots, which we pulled out. She carded these little nibs and bits of yarn, then pulled over her spinning wheel and spun the fluff into a couple inches of new yarn, then magically re-knit it into the hole and somehow secured all the ends ... in about 5 minutes. Magic, I tell you; a serious craftsman is part-wizard, don't you think?

It's a little hard to make out in this photo, but there's a mountain hidden in the haze behind that massive electric pole/totem/structure.

It's sunny again today in Seattle and I haven't figured out what to send on tomorrow's card. Ack! I'd better get cracking!

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