Wednesday, March 19, 2014

and two more!

Oh, it's so so fun. Above, shot in a rare bit of spring sunlight (what is THAT?), I made this warm red-brown, purple-spattered beauty last week.

And last weekend, I made this one, which is another super-favorite of mine. It's palest robin's egg blue with a warm golden bronze, shot through with intense bursts of bold pink. It made me think of the sea: cool water and warm brown sand. Cass says it reminds him of a cloudy autumn day - or a cup of tea with cream swirling through it. And the good news? This beauty will be for sale. I'm going to put it up in the etsy shop when I open it - so even if you aren't shopping for baby (or if you are!), there might be something pretty to catch your eye at Months and Years. And on that note, I pledge to get back to work on that second baby dress tonight. I spent some time this weekend hand-sewing the detailed scalloped-edge sleeves to their silk linings.... oh, it's going to be so pretty! 

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