Friday, March 7, 2014

back in the dyeing saddle

Last weekend a friend asked if she could buy some of my dyed scarves; she thought they'd made good thank-you gifts for some friends who had recently thrown her a fantastic party. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I told her I'd given all the ones she'd seen away, but that I could dye some more. I ordered another dozen scarves (figuring it would be better to dye a bunch and then let her pick and choose her favorites), which arrived on my doorstep a couple days ago. I started dyeing yesterday with the green-purple-rose-bronze one you see above (forest green  + warm black, who knew?).

I'm currently experimenting with the next scarf. I had an idea last year about using sodium alginate to thicken the dye to a jelly consistency and then throwing it across the scarves a la action painting/Jackson Pollock. As it's sunny out today, I figured there's no time like the present to give it a go!  A little bowl of dye is setting up in the back room as I type. I'm going to try combining this with the low-immersion technique and see what happens! More soon!

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Kate said...

These are amazing! Beautiful work, and I must admit my fave is the orange and grey!