Monday, March 10, 2014

project 52:24

acrylic glaze (white) over ink (pen) on watercolor paper

I've had this snippet from Grimm's Fairy Tales (in Philip Pullman's new translation) on the brain for the past few weeks; it's such a striking combination of visual images and sounds, in such a brief phrase:

"the moment she cut the lilies the cottage disappeared and the twelve brothers were changed into twelve ravens that flew away over the trees with a dismal cry"

Wow. What a phrase, huh? It's actually the inspiration behind my next baby dress for the Months and Years shop; I've cut almost all the pieces (I just have to cut three pieces for lining the bodice) and I hope to get sewing this week. I have a very time-consuming applique plan for this one, so I want to dive in before I feel too overwhelmed or daunted by the prospect of it.

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