Thursday, May 29, 2014

a postcard ... for somebody else!

We invited some new friends over for dinner and board games a couple of weeks ago. It was fun. They actually sent us a thank-you card afterward. I think Cass and I were both a little intimidated. "Oh. So that's how we do this?" (I mean, c'mon. This is Seattle. People wear jeans to the opera. We've made four-course dinners and then eaten them - with guests - in front of the TV, while watching a movie, noshing out of a communal bowl of truffled cauliflower risotto...things are different out here. Casual.)

So, last week they reciprocated: we went over to their place for dinner and games. Great food, great drinks, fun game. They gave us a little plastic bear as a kind of ... gee, I don't know. Favor? Joke? - to remember the dinner by.

"Hipster battle!" I joked to Cass. I pulled out one of those leftover marbleized postcards and made a thank-you-postcard featuring the bear. With a bunting. Because, you know, it's cute.

Okay, it's really cute. I made a high-res scan before sending the card, and I'm thinking of printing six- or eight-packs of these and including them in the Months and Years shop. What do you think? Would they sell?

(Also, still working on the second Months and Years dress. I will NOT cover the rest of the clothes in time-consuming appliques. But it's beautiful! And I'm getting there! Photos in a few weeks, I hope!) =)


Carolyn Williams said...

I am so excited to see your Months and Years dresses... like super duper excited. And I love the thank you postcards. And the idea. I'm behind in my normal thank you cards, but I love the idea for thanking for the little things, too.

StacySix said...

Hipster were-bear!

fleur_delicious said...

Haha, yeah, Stacey! Were-bear! =)

And thanks, Carolyn! Man, I'm just excited to get them DONE. They're haunting me these days; I knew I wouldn't get the shop up until late summer, but that's getting pretty close and I know I've got to churn these little guys out! And thanks for the vote of confidence for the bear cards; it'll be nice to have a few things to round out the (very small) clothes collection, give the shop a little more bulk. My goal is to get a half dozen up in August, and then try and squeeze in another half-dozen or so before the holidays, if I can (but that'll be tight!).