Wednesday, May 7, 2014

project 52:32

ink and acrylic on paper
prints available here
Once again, I had the most colorful of intentions: this tulip is a brilliant flame red streaked with yellow; even its leaves are striped with purple and white! And yet, as soon as I got started, I wanted to play around with ink - and I liked the monochromatic blue-greys and green-greys in the ink so well that I decided just to leave it at that (but with a few white highlights from acrylic paint brushed over the ink, to maximize the contrast). I think I can chalk the monochromatic approach lately up to the weather; we've had a handful of beautiful sunny days, but by and large, most of the days have been typical damp, grey-green days around here, days that make me feel like living in the NW is like living in a perpetually dripping terrarium.

That probably doesn't sound very attractive, but I like it, just like I like wool and warm clothes and bundling up; goodness knows, I get plenty of opportunity to do that here!

I have nowhere to go tomorrow, and I promise to share my latest kitchen experiment: pickled cherry blossoms! They're very neat!

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