Monday, January 18, 2016

craving color

Looking at back posts on social media, I was making a lot of brightly-colored vegetable breads through the tail end of last year's non-event-winter. I think it's a combination of being kind of burnt out on heavy foods by the end of the holidays and craving the lighter vegetal flavors of spring that drives me to it. Whatever the reason, this beet bread (based on Twigg Studio's beet and walnut recipe, here) is amazing. I started dreaming up other combinations this weekend - carrot and dill was the most popular version I made last year, but what about carrot and dill and turmeric? Or parsnip and parsley and sumac! Cauliflower and nigella!

But this week, it's just plain old beet. I think it'll serve as a pinch hitter for lunches on days when I don't have a lot of leftovers to bring in; a slice of beet bread slathered with "Up in Smoke" smoked chevre, and topped with some of the last of my friend Amal's pickled cauliflower? Yeah, that'll hit the spot. Tasty and bright; just the thing to chase winter doldrums away.

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