Tuesday, January 5, 2016

holiday wrap-up

Still finishing up holiday gifts around here, especially the homemade variety. I seem to be having the hardest time just packing up care packages and sending them, for some reason - even when the presents have been made and/or purchased for almost two months now. I try to convince myself that this is okay, arguing that we're just stretching the holidays out longer for everyone ... right?


cagle said...

I am in the same boat, the present for my mom is ready and in the box and yet I have not managed to mail it yet.

Jennifer said...

Of course! You'll just make their post-holidays time a bit brighter. ;)
(I still have three holiday cards left to send out myself!)

Angie said...

Today is the 7th of January and I'm still doing the same thing. Makes me feel immensely better to find that someone else is on this same path. :)