Friday, February 5, 2016

good eats

 we've been eating a lot more vegan meals this year (so far); I have a suspicion that my own palette has been changing of late, that I'm growing less fond of eating animals and animal by-products. We still eat meat once or twice a week, though, and as I type this there's a big container of kheer in the fridge that my hubs brought home for me (and about which I'm positively ecstatic) so we haven't completely switched over yet!

We made this Thai soup from Kraut-Kopf this week; it was incredible. I made myself sick on it, alas (too much coconut milk!)

This carrot-turmeric-dill bread is a freewheeling improvisation on Twigg Studio's beetroot and walnut bread. I think I'll try combining parsnips with sumac and nigella in next week's loaf!

And last but not least is Pinch of Yum's winter bliss bowl; this Buddha bowl features lentil-based falafel (confession: this might be the first lentil-based recipe that I've ever really, truly, passionately loved), raw spinach and red cabbage (we substitute radicchio for a touch of bitter), and cumin-roasted cauliflower and carrots in a delicious tahini sauce (I use the proportions from this recipe for the dressing, but skip the garlic). I've been making these all winter; I'm crazy for them!

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