Sunday, March 27, 2016


Ah, yes. Finally. A day at home. Pouring rain kept us indoors (except for a very brief 15-minute planting stint between showers this afternoon). A dinner party last night meant we finished cleaning the house yesterday. And no freelancing this weekend. At least - no immediate deadlines.

So today there was time. Time to roast beets for dinner in a couple days; time to mix up yogurt and salt and start it fermenting and straining on the table to make labneh for dinner another night; time to sew.

Twenty-five foxes and counting. Just about two-thirds of the way through this quilt top; it'll be a photo finish to complete it before the birth, though. Now, to make some oatmeal breakfast bars for the week, hit the elliptical, eat dinner, and head to bed - we have an extra-early morning tomorrow. What a lovely day it's been!

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