Monday, March 28, 2016

the laundress

I worked a 6:30-2:30 shift at work today, because my husband went skiing with his dad and so my morning ride in needed to be a bit ... early. I managed to get home around 4, hand-wash a bunch of sweaters and hang them out to dry (this one just needs to be aired; I snagged it on ebay and it's awesome but it smells like a used clothing store - it's febreze, right, that smells like that?), sow some foxgloves and then squeeze in a good 45-minute workout on the elliptical before Cass got home and we made dinner.

We're supposed to have a whole week of sunny weather here. Remember my blues? So ready for a break from the rain! I was shooting photos of the hellebores in the garden tonight; they were so gorgeous in the dappled evening sunlight. I suppose just about anything looks gorgeous in sunlight by now. 

And now I'm so tired that I think I'll shower and hit the sack - I thought I'd get some drawing time tonight, but I just don't think I can hack it. Oh well. We're drinking some SoCal pinot and watching Flaked, that new Netflix series - it reminds me of when we lived in SoCal, in a charmingly nostalgic way. I pretty much just feel like drinking California wine and curling up in bed!

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