Friday, May 6, 2016

hustle and bustle

Feels like I've been working so much lately - every day, the evening gets away from me and there's no time to update here. So, here's something of  round-up. Lilacs on the mantle, on the table, everywhere. I wanted to candy some, but I think I might have to admit that there just isn't time this year...

Pink milk! Tart cherry concentrate in vanilla almond milk, a favorite afternoon pick-me-up of late.

I finished the fox quilt top and am starting to quilt it. The baby's overdue at this point ... looks like my gift will be, too. But not too far off (if, that is, I keep at it).

I bought this floral fabric a couple years ago because I couldn't bear to leave the fabric store without it. It's the perfect, sweet backing for the foxes.

Bolognese-making on a grey, rainy Sunday.

Little lupines I started from seed...

....all potted up, There's time for these to grow (and be potted up) for a year or so, while we get the back yard all tilled up and ready for a garden. Then I'll pack them in, everywhere. I've got purple echinacea, foxglove, and columbine coming on, too. Next year's garden will be so much showier, with all these little darlings added to the mix.

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