Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Handmade Holiday #2:

the inspiration:
you could buy it if you're feeling flush ($138)
I'm not. So, I made:

from two colours of (brown) leather thong, the edge of a lapel of a leather jacket (black), goose feathers, beads, some pearls and turquoise. And maybe 7-10 hours of stitching, fidgeting, and (I'll admit) a bit of swearing. I didn't put it on elastic, and I didn't give it ties. Instead, I worked bobby pins through the leather braid (that is the base of it all - everything is stitched on/to/through the braid, and I put a drop of tacky glue on the back where feathers poke through, to help secure/anchor them) so that it could be a little more adjustable - just pin it where you want it in your hair!

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