Monday, December 1, 2008

take one dose of creativity and call me in the morning

normally I don't post my remix stuff here, but since today's outfit featured some tiny projects from this weekend, I thought I'd share. I was really hesitant to take time out from my work and make anything this weekend, but I have just been planning and planning and planning, and so I did do a few small things. I think it really helped me to stay on track, stay focused, and get over my cold sooner - I really do! It felt VERY luxurious to actually take a few hours for making, and it was the most comforting activity to be engaged in, especially as I'm nearing the breakdown-point with end-of-quarter stress.

But enough about that. The details: I've been craving a black maxi skirt in a bad way since October, but I hadn't been able to find one. Of course, now I'm stalking one on ebay that I *really* want, but in the meantime, I snagged this one for cheap. Only, it wasn't long enough. So I bought a half-yard of a nice bamboo knit, cut the elastic waistband off, and made a 9" knit waistband for the skirt. It's not perfect, as I don't have a serger and was forced to rely on my machine's stretch stitch, but it's good enough to wear out.

Second project is the tie-dyed tee. I wanted this to be more grey and storm-cloud-esque, so next time, a bit less navy in my dye mix. Cass and I were going to make goofy pirate T-shirts for the release of the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but we never really got around to it. So I had this cheap, $5 tee from a teenybopper shop on State St. in Santa Barbara hanging around for ...what, more than a year? It was an obvious first choice for a dyeing experiment. I have to say, I'm really happy with Procion dyes, and how easy the soda-ash soak was to work with. I am DEFINITELY going to do this again; and I have pearl gray dye to use that might give me the cloudy look I want.

I wish J. Crew still had some of those painter's tees (in my size AND on sale, of course); I feel like those would be really excellent to play with. Then again, how many tie-dye tees does a girl need? I don't exactly live in Eugene anymore.

Last but not least, I thought I'd share this crazy skirt that I won in a "best offer" (I bid less than half the asking price, wahoo!) on ebay. It's a vintage Ellen Tracey - cool, no? The outer skirt is a lightweight wool crepe, and it has a yellow cotton calico lining. I don't know, it's SO loud and out there, but it has this fun "folk" vibe that I really loved in so many of the collections this fall, and I think it should be really warm, so I am risking it. We'll see if I can handle this much colour and pattern when I see it in person.
alright, back to the books. Hopefully have another finished project to show you soon!

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