Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Handmade Holiday #4: leather jewelry

I made this one for myself. Here's the inspiration, a clipping from Lucky Magazine:

(note the price?)
here's mine:

I need some better findings (clasp), but the leather looks good. I cut long, 2-inch-wide strips of leather from a cheap leather coat I sourced at a thrift shop last summer. I folded the strip in half lengthwise, and tucked the edges in. I stitched very close to the edge so that it would appear neat, and there wouldn't be big flapping edges sticking out from the tube. In order to keep the leather from sticking to my sewing machine, I actually sewed it onto paper, then quickly immersed it in hot water in my sink and tore the paper away. I had to pick out some of the bits while drying the tubes (with a towel, quickly, and stretching them so that the leather wouldn't become stiff). Then I used a metal skewer and stuffed the tubes with bits of cotton/wool batting that I had hanging around. I hand-sewed the edges closed around large jump rings, and attached findings. Ta-da!

I actually made the tubes too long; I think I'll make a bracelet with the leftovers.

Overall cost: leather jacket = $10 (plus tax), and I've used bits of it for four projects now. I used maybe $1 worth of batting, at most. Needle and thread = neglible cost, and all told, these recycled findings probably cost me a dollar or two to begin with.


Anonymous said...

I know it is kind of an old post ... but I buy leather at the thrift stores also!

Great way to recycle as well.

fleur_delicious said...

hey, that's okay - thanks for dropping in!

sometimes I feel bad tearing apart a coat just to use the materials, considering all the labour and waste that already went into making that thrift-store coat; but all the same, it IS more affordable than just buying materials new.

Anonymous said...

I would not worry about it. I am a big recyling nut. I save most every container and drive my wife crazy.

By the time I buy the item at a thrift store, it has gone down in price far enough that if anyone had really wanted it ... it would have been purchased already.

This is just another way to prevent it from going into the dump ... by making a new use for it. I know that I keep as much as I can ... buttons and such.

shikha said...

i like it.. great idea.. thank dear
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