Sunday, January 11, 2009

first canvas of 2009

breath. oilbar on canvas. 22 X 28. 2009.

darker patches are still wet. I tend to put these up on the wall to dry; they're out of the way and likely safer. Better pictures in a couple weeks, when I take it in to be photographed.

Olivia Bee is my hero. I'd love to do another, if she'd let me.


thistlewitch said...

Oh, Sarah, she's lovely!

nancy said...

oh my goodness, that is stunning!

Antonio said...


fleur_delicious said...

Wren/nancy - thank you!

Antonio - grazie!

Manny said...

She looks a little frightened... as if at any moment, something will catch up with her - maybe she just finished burying something... a treasure to hide for herself.

Good stuff, Sarah!