Thursday, January 1, 2009

let the gifting continue (my conscience can't take it otherwise)

So all this making (for gifts, and then for myself) has got me feeling a little too materialistic. Sal wisely suggesting that the holiday gifting just continue for me, and when my lady E exclaimed over these earrings, I figured that was the best way to start. I walked them to her house last night so they could go party hopping with her. These are celebration earrings!

Celebration earrings are also recycling earrings! If any of you play with beads or wirework, all the silver bullion curlicues are simply made by wrapping waste pieces of fine silver wire (some were long pieces cut off of head or eye pins!) around a heavy gauge brass wire, and making a loop (like an eye pin) at one end. They are all linked to each other and to the jump ring that connects the faceted chalcedony drop and the earwire.

I think these will be one-of-a-kind for a while at least. I'm sick of making bullion; it takes forever and it gives you weird calluses on your fingertips after awhile.

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well i agree gifting is such a nice thing