Saturday, January 24, 2009


after I made that leather braided necklace, I had several inches left of each of the three stuffed leather tubes, and after all that work I was NOT going to let them go to waste. So I braided them together, stitched the ends closed around a bit of leather thong. I tied the ends on one side to create a loop, and made a big chunky knot on the other side to go through the loop. Now I have a bracelet. I've worn it more than the necklace, actually. Maybe I should put the necklace on leather thong; I like it better than chain.

hopefully tomorrow I can post a silk blouse recon I did over break, too. I'm staying home while Cass goes skiing with his pops. This weekend has been a mess. We were hit by a negligent driver Thursday night and we both have whiplash (mine's a bit worse - no steering column to brace against), and my lower back was messed up again by the impact. sigh. At least the xrays cleared my spine: no fractures, and no damage aside from the preexisting degeneration in my lumbar. However, I've spent most of the weekend unproductively, sleeping whilst heavily medicated. I'm pretty stressed about the coming week and getting back on my game while still on valium. argh.

Welp, almost midnight and in the spirit of catching up, I have some homework to be getting to.