Monday, January 5, 2009

new earrings

I whipped these up last night, between bites of dinner (below: gorgonzola-stuffed pears and dressed arugula with bacon, yum). Ever since I got these volcanic stone beads, I've been thinking of making something like the luna scribble earrings. They kind of make me think of an eclipse, you know? Or perhaps they should be called the dark-side-of-the-luna-scribble earrings. It was nice to get to wear them today!

We cleaned everything yesterday, washed the floors, rewired an antique floor lamp for our living room, I filed all last quarter's schoolwork, the works. It was nice. I lit candles in the bedroom and we sat in the living room and enjoyed the soft flickering coming from across the way. It was my last free night, and Cass worked on a car body he has to paint and I made earrings and read about Philip IV of Spain, and we listened to Christmas carols and watched the beautiful snowfall collecting, in our house that feels surprisingly spare and empty without the glittering tree. (I am always very sad to take down the tree. Don't you wish we could have them all year round? Or at least, all winter?) We drank cava and toasted a goodbye to our quiet holiday.

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