Tuesday, September 1, 2009

African Wax Prints #2: The World's Loudest PJs.

Um. Not exactly his style (or mine). Primus is one of the two leading beers in Rwanda. Boyfriend's sister drinks beer and thought this was funny, but it was just too bright. Still, I made up the PJs, aligned the pattern better than I'd realized - note, serving wenches right on the crotch, oops) with the elasticized waistband and all. He tried them on - and then quickly took them off again.

A friend of ours fell in love with them; we gave them away. He still needs PJs (his old ones fell apart; in fact, I used the old ones to make a pattern for these), but wants something in a ticking stripe or a lightweight linen. I can't say that I blame him, or that I don't approve his taste; french ticking and linen are some of my favorites!

Another installment of PJs is likely on the horizon.

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