Friday, September 11, 2009


isn't this a happy sight? They look so cheerful and plump. Better yet; they're low cholesterol. That's right. The dough for these is made of flour, water, yeast, and mashed boiled potato and potato water. (As in, not butter, like most of these delectable doughs.) The only real difference is that the bun itself tastes more like a lightly sweetened potato bread bun, rather than a super fluffy calorie-whammy. So, if you like potato bread (I pretty much like potato anything), these are a great option! Plus, without all that butter and fat in the dough, I think it's okay to make a cream-cheese frosting for these (and, in fairness, I do think they need some kind of icing on them). I made mine with neufatchel.

They're really good, too. I've been making these for about 8 years now, though I don't do it often because they really are a lot of work. I like to put extra raisins and chopped nuts in. Give 'em a whirl!

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Heather said...

How does this entry have no comments? I hope you got some positive emails from your readers. It certainly deserves applause, this one. Every post of yours, at least what I've read so far, seems to warrant an effusive comment. Sarah, you're an absolutely wonderful blogger. You have a natural gift for articulating thoughts in a really genuine and entertaining way. Plus you always sound so knowledgeable about every little thing under the sun.

I like the way you say in this one, how you love pretty much anything potato. Me too, it's probably why i use the phrase "I feel like a sack of potatoes" when I feel I haven't exercised enough.

Your photo of these swirling toasty warm brown cinnamon treats, with the extra bits you chopped up and spooned in...looks perfect! You're a girl after my own heart... but I'm sure you're a better cook. I agree with what someone else said-- I'd buy a book by Pacific Rain in a heartbeat.