Friday, September 11, 2009

out with a bang

whew, back from Virginia and with tons of back posts to put up! Here we go!

Owing to a little project that I'll post shortly, I had some extra watermelon lying around last night. I thought I'd try this recipe from Sunday Suppers, and what a great idea! I used a sheep-and-goat's-milk feta, and ignored all proportions of the various ingredients, mixing at will. It was delicious; I think it's foolproof. We paired it with fresh French filet beans that I've been growing up the side of our house (at last! a good use for those tiny side-flowerbeds next to a driveway: beans!). We simply washed and trimmed the beans and sauteed them in a bit of olive oil and butter. voila!

we're drinking ours with a Reserve Pinot Noir (released this summer) from Riverbench, a relatively new winery down in the Paso Robles/Los Olivos area of southern California. I'm really impressed with these folks, although I do think the reserve Chard was better last year than this year. Seriously, if you like a truly oakey Chard, try their Reserve. I've never had such a toasty, buttery bottle before - or since.

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