Thursday, March 1, 2012

and speaking of spring fashion bug

how darling is this dress? It's the Marlowe Dress at anthro right now. I suppose $148 for a dress is rather moderately priced for anthro these days, but egads, too rich for my blood - and you know it'll only go to $70 or $80 on markdown, if it even makes it there. Still too much. But it's a lovely dress; it's made of a heavy-weight linen (I've felt it, it's like denim), so it's actually sturdy (not something anthro has offered much recently). It's actually a pretty simple shape, though; the top and skirt are obviously secured between the two layers of the waistband; there are five buttons with loops (not even button holes to manage!) on the left side over a side zip. Armholes are faced, as I'm sure the neckline and side of the dress are, too (and the button loops are secured between outer face of dress and inner facing, on the seam). Patch pockets - easy enough.

I think I need to draft a pattern for this little darling and just make it myself. It would NOT be difficult. Bonus, I can probably sew straighter pintucks (in the detail shots they're a bit wavy), so long as I mark them out carefully and take my time sewing. Anyways, for now, I'm just dreaming about it along with so many other projects (like the Russian Settler's Dress - imagine this sewn from an ivory-and-gold flecked lightweight silk suiting, with columns of heavy rose or even brown embroidery stitched rising from the hem?). Oh, spring and summer, hurry back! I want to plant and wear sundresses again!

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