Monday, March 12, 2012

getting it done!

So, a few things coming along. That scarf is half-tied off; I will tie fringe tonight and hopefully have a picture to show you tomorrow! (Failing that - soon! I am spending a lot of time in the archives this week, reading through correspondence organized by name - not date!! - from the first five years of a theatre's life. It does take time!)

I bought the fabric to recover these chairs last summer. Last summer! It's been ... well, over 6 months. But hey, better late than never, eh? We have just two more to do (really, one and a half - one is covered, but I need to get some more screws to reattach), and then it's all done. Just in time for an upcoming feast to celebrate the spring equinox (I'll try to remember to take photos this time).

I bought this fabric to go with the wallpaper. I'm glad we'll be here another year before ... whatever the future brings, because I love it together. So Scandi!

okay. Hopefully scarf tomorrow - off to tie fringe. =)

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