Tuesday, March 13, 2012

late winter eats

last week we tried this recipe for cumin seed roasted cauliflower with salted yogurt, mint and pomegranate seeds from epicurious. It was quite good - and light! (we used nonfat plain yogurt.) I totally recommend it - but the pomegranate and mint and yogurt are a must. The cauliflower on its own is, well, it's okay. But it's still cauliflower, and I'm not wild about cauliflower. We're trying to make it a more regular part of our diet.

I also made a french lettuce soup (with romaine this time) and I liked the pairing together. While the cauliflower dish really feels like it is firmly rooted in the winter season, the lettuce soup tastes like spring.

Every week I check at the market for fiddleheads, ramps, morels, chantrelles...I know I'm about a month early, but I have such a hankering for these spring crops!! I cannot wait to gather nettles for soup again!

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