Friday, March 16, 2012

at last!

check it out, peeps! Here we go - finally done! So, here's the closeup; isn't this "undulating twill" pattern beautiful? The warp is silk (white threads) and the tan weft is a silk/cashmere blend. Yeah, I have unfortunately expensive taste - way over my budget. Thank goodness I have a generous mother in law who enjoys spinning.
Here's the full view. It's so nice and warm - and fairly substantial heavy, too, because I am a really uptight weaver. I can't relax; I beat the warp down so hard that Peggy AND Cass are constantly saying that I'm weaving "a rug, not a scarf."

hurray! On to the next project - I've got some new sewing patterns to try out, but also a dinner party on Monday evening to plan; I picked up some new candlesticks tonight and some glass vases from a thrift shop; tomorrow I want to see if I can find a good price on hellebore blooms.

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