Thursday, September 23, 2010

deco goodness: my Sencha blouse

Sarai at Colette Patterns has a real winner with this Sencha blouse; I went over there this summer and learned that she'd actually sold out of the pattern. Looks like she's got it back in now - click the link to go to the shop.

I made mine out of a floral-print swiss dot in black, but then I realized I'd (whoops) made it out of sheer fabric and (double whoops) used a white stabilizer on my facing. I tried to fix it by tea-dying the fused pieces (don't ask me HOW the whole thing didn't just fall apart), but to little avail. So, in order to mask the very-opaque, very white interfacing, I resorted to a bit of embroidery - a simple running stitch in a pale nude-pink that wraps around the keyhole and the neckline. Really, it was serendipitous, because I'm quite happy with the deco-feel that resulted.

details of the front and back. With such thin fabric, I opted to use snaps, but then chose to sew my filigree brass buttons over the snaps for a pretty look.

And here it is on. Cute, huh? I don't exactly plan to style it with jeans; I think pencil skirts are more this Sencha's type. Or I might pair it with the wool shorts I'm just finishing tonight - DIY'ed from an old pair of wool pants that were just a tetch too short.


Tuolumne said...

A beautiful blouse. I love the color.
I hope you aren't going to abandon us at Flickr because your pictures are wonderful and you are a delightful model.

afreckledlip said...

Your blouse turned out beautifully. I can't believe the top-stitching was to cover up a mistake. It looks great.