Thursday, July 5, 2007

fall wardrobe #1: recycled sweater

Thus begins my fabric/recon stash clean-out and my fall-wardrobe construction. There are things I want, money I lack, and fabric to clean out, so this is my solution! I constructed this lined sweater from two grey cashmere sweaters of Cassidy's that I fulled in the wash. I scrapped the holey fronts. I lined it with leftover baby blue knit, and trimmed it with lightweight woven cotton from my stash - both to lend structural support to the cashmere. I made bias trim for the neckline, but as it's a scant 1/4 inch, it necessitated hand-sewing with tiny little stitches.

The sleeves are kind of a bubble, with a little pleat on top of each arm that I may tack down later with a button, but haven't decided yet. There's a lot of origami-esque pleating and folding on the runways these days, so I may just leave it be.

yes, the hem dips down in two points on the front.

it secures at the neckline with a leather button-tab that I secured/embellished with gold stitching. Buttons are reproductions of an 1890s poppy button - nothing fancy, just found 'em at the craft store.

Yes, it's kind of boxy and folkloric. I keep reading that boxiness is coming back (ha! take that, skinny jeans!) so I thought this would be a nice, structured way to try it out for fall. It does feel lovely on - it's so fluffy and cozy, I keep thinking it should be paired with a poodle skirt.
next up: the kinda-loud slippery print fabric that I've been trying to figure out how to use for about 5 years. I hope to draft patterns - and maybe start cutting and sewing? - tonight.


KnittyFay said...

I love love love it! It looks really comfortable and would be something I'd buy if I saw it in the stores. Nice Job!

Brahdelt said...

That's a nice combination of colours. I love the shape! *^v^*

Anne said...

Great job! So great that I just wrote about you on my Recycled Art blog! New Life for Two Old Sweaters

Nancy said...

oh! i love it!

ellen said...

What a great creation! I think it's quite stylish.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

Felicia said...

It looks pretty fabulous!

ellene said...

this is so cute and unique! I've been wanting to felt sweaters from the thrift store to make some winter hats, but haven't taken the plunge yet. lovely blog!