Sunday, July 8, 2007

garden update

fuschia begonia shelters under a shady rosemary
I bought some new plants yesterday, as I've been working toward filling in the few gaps in the inside bed. I ended up getting some things I hadn't planned on - azure blue germander, 1 gallon pots for $2.50 each! - and as a result, I expanded my border bed out front today. Wow, what a difference soil-building makes! The uncomposted soil took a couple hours to excavate. No matter - it's composted now. I don't know that the condo association allows us to alter our front beds ... but I'm out of planting space, so I see myself doing this again before too long.

the interior bed - the light here is so harsh, it's hard to get a decent picture, so let me tell you: chives in the foreground are in a pot, the bed is planted with tuscan blue rosemary (3), thyme-leafed fuschia (2), begonia fuschia (4), mint (2), parade rose (1), mexican heather (2), and some cockscomb and moss rose.
my lemon verbena is floppy; it needs to be staked. Chives in a pot, and behind, the newly expanded bed: cockscombs, moss roses, and an azure-blue germander. I'm thinking of shaping these lovelies into standards, just for fun. Further back: a little glimpse of rosemary, a lot of pineapple sage, and the briefest peek of lavendar.

from the far side of the bed: newley planted rosemary (tiny! it'll grow!), cockscomb and moss roses, a dusty culinary sage, the second germander, then loads of pineapple sage and lavendars (purple alyssum peeks underneath), with jasmine climbing in the corner.

I finally packed the chives into a pot. Zaha found them immediately and began snacking. I may have to move them back out, I don't know how long they'll last if she eats them at this rate.

a final shot. Azure blue germander, moss rose, cockscomb, pineapple sage, and lavendar.

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