Wednesday, July 25, 2007

fall wardrobe #3: eyelet blouse


well. this is fall-wear in Santa Barbara, sure. ;) I've had this eyelet forever - it was given to me by a friend back when I was first on my own and couldn't afford things like fabric for fun sewing projects. I didn't want to use it until I had the perfect summer project, and so here I am, six years later, finally putting it to use.


the details: top designed and pattern drafted by myself, of course. Yoke is lined. Top of yoke is trimmed with ivory mesh net, bottom is trimmed with red stitching detail. Yoke, hem, armholes, etc. etc. are trimmed with red bias binding that I made from some red-and-white quilting cotton. Top ties at the neck in the back with the same binding, stitched closed. Binding is also used as flat (not corded) piping along yoke edge. Body is unlined and somewhat sheer, so I do have to wear a top under it. Small pleats shape it at the yoke, and it has a shirttail hem.

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ellen said...

You are going to enjoy that! What a nice job..I like the details you added, and I really like the fact that you saved a bit to use, even if it took those years. Been there, done that with no $. I do think that it makes a person so much more appreciative of being able to do things when you have had to go without...although at the time, it's darned tough!
Best, Ellen

Jane said...

I am enjoying your blog. I had a siameese cat for 19 years. The painting is incredible! The blouses you have made are both lovely. I really like the sweater. I am a beginner sewer so I totally understand about saving fabric for something good. I would be crushed to ruin a great fabric. BTW, if you are ever in LA, you would enjoy going downtown to the fabric district where tons of fabric can be found for $1 a yard. I get most of mine at the Michael Levines Loft which is $2 a pound. Frankly I like that it limits my choices. I get overwhelmed by all the possibilities at their regular store. And the prices scare me too.

Little Stitcher said...


VDOprincess said...

This is just gorgeous. Lovelovelove it.

Elfie B. said...

Surprise! 3 years on and you're getting another comment!

This is such a pretty shirt. I suck at pattern drafting, so you get extra "ooohs" from my corner for the words "my own design". :-)