Saturday, July 2, 2011

baking triumph!

Katie and I are starting to feel like we finally mastered the macaron; look how beautiful this lemon-blueberry batch turned out! We used the 28/8/1 proportion (the 1 was lemon zest put through the food processor to grind it up) and with eggs aged at room temp (which has been about 70 during the day) for three days. I cooked down and then strained blueberries, then combined the juices with lemon juice and made a lemon-blueberry curd to fill them with. We let them sit out overnight to leech some of the moisture from the filling. We seem to only consistently succeed with lemon-flavoured cookies. The plan for the next batch, as I understand it, is green tea.

still, I can't wait for Jacinthe's macaron-making friend, Emily, to come and visit in September; I want to work through a proper tutorial with her when she is here in September, and ask her so many questions throughout the process!

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Jennifer said...

Oh, they look perfect! And delicious too... congratulations on your macaron success!