Saturday, July 2, 2011

second sewing project: done!

Also on Friday, I finally got around to turning this sashiko panel project that my friend Katie brought back from Japan (and that I finished last year in the spring) into a muslin bookbag. I immediately got to put it to use, hauling a heavy volume of a dissertation that I'd borrowed back to a professor (to whose house I walked on a sunny Friday afternoon to share gin and tonics and talk terrorism and Beckett, gotta love it).
I used the instructions for Instructables' tutorial for a gusseted canvas bag (only cut a piece of cloth 33" X 15.5" - as you'll see, no reason to double the width). Otherwise, the tutorial is perfect. I made two, so that my bag could be fully lined in muslin. It's so cute, and I am so happy with it! big thanks to katie for the sashiko project that makes this bag so charming!!

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