Friday, July 15, 2011

update from the foraging/canning jam brigade

After the first round of salmonberry jam, I knew I needed to make more. So when we went up to the mountains to visit Cass' folks and spend the day hiking (and setting up a loom for me - more on that later! my first weaving project in over 10 years - and it's gonna be a BEAUTY!), I insisted we bring a bunch of tupperware containers - you know, just in case we happened to stumble upon some berries.

Oh, mama. We did. Just as we left town, I looked down and realized there were tiny wild strawberries EVERYWHERE alongside the road. Twenty minutes of concerted picking by all four of us, and we'd cleared the area. It was enough to make 2 6-oz containers of VERY sweet jam (as Cass observed, it smelled like ihop strawberry syrup - and was probably as sweet, though I only put in 1/4 c. of sugar). These are VERY special this year, if only because in such limited supply. Wild strawberries are about a quarter (at most) the size of domestic strawberries, but their flavour is so much better.
We did also find some more salmonberries and this time I purchased little 4oz jars so that I'd be able to send some of this cherry-and-clove-flavoured goodness on to more of our friends, come yuletide.

I'm also trying out a new pickling recipe, but more on that when it's done - it takes 6 days to prepare, and I'm only 3 days in, so I'll get back to you with pictures and a report and a link to the recipe next week!

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