Friday, July 8, 2011


buying into the fur trend, but ethically: I just bought some faux fur at with these projects in mind. A friend has commented that my animal/animal-esque collection of wearables is becoming impressively eccentric.
Prada's s/s 2011 fox fur stoles. I am on a bit of a budget, so I couldn't splurge on the really bright/long shag fur; instead, I bought one yard of luxury shag in black for the solid side and tail, and burgundy (or is it red? we'll find out when it arrives!) and bright baby blue for the stripes. Should be fun, no? =)

Liu Wen in "Wild Dreams" shot by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany. Isn't this cape amazing? I wish I knew who makes it, so I could get a closer look. I'm pretty sure this gal is wearing the same one:
I would love to credit this photo, but I've forgotten where I found it, gah. Can anyone help me out? Have you seen this around? And yes, still hoping to figure out who made the cape. I didn't want to buy cloth for the cape, since I have some beautiful heavy wool in a huge blanket plaid pattern in dun colours. I'll use that (though I only have 3 yards, so yes, I am concerned about having enough cloth; I may have to make mine a tetch shorter AND give up on matching the plaids, sigh).

I bought two yards of a polyester faux fox fur and plan to cut it across the gentle stripes so that my fake "tails" have some variation down the length of the tail, like these. And from there, I'm just trying to decide whether I should suspend all the "tails" in a bath of idye poly (red, obviously) or use simply spray upholstery paint.

What do you think? I think I'm leaning toward the latter, because red dye ALWAYS seems to run, and with all of Seattle's rain, I fear all of my pants/socks/skirts/shoes would be dyed pink.


Frankie said...

This cape is AMAZING!

I recently stumbled across your blog - I have forgotten how - and I love it.

Your bird wing headpiece is great and I am looking forward to trying watermelon rind pickles when they come into season here in the Southern Hemisphere.


oksana said...

I would have painted the fur hair dye, keeps well, and the colors are bright, too, can be bought in a shop for hairdressing