Saturday, July 2, 2011

first sewing project done!

I printed out my summer to-do list this year, so that I could actually enjoy the satisfaction of crossing things off, or of making little cross-hatch marks in the weekly boxes, noting whether or not I've practiced yoga (still building up flexibility/strength in my injured wrist; we've a long way to go, but I think yoga is the best way to recover use of my right wrist), walked/biked, or made enough vegan/legume-based meals this week.

I will post my goals soon, with some already crossed off, like making this skirt. There was a bolt of cotton batiste in my living room all throughout the late winter/early spring/early summer, but I finally got around to cutting this out. I used Vogue V8232 dress pattern (five layers of batiste to make a demurely opaque skirt) and drafted my own pattern for a waistband on my dressform, using interfacing to reinforce the lightweight cotton so that I could sew a proper buttonhole.

Pretty cute, eh? I finished it just in time to put it on and wear it on a long walk to a professor's house on a beautiful Friday afternoon in Seattle - perfect!

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